Did I cheat with my Ramp test?

Is bumping up your FTP prior to a Ramp test wrong? Let me explain:

I have skipped my last 2 Ramp tests, both during the COVID 19 Period, and kept my FTP at 275. Coming into the test I knew I was close, if not at 300 Watt. Knowing the break-even point on the Ramp test is 19 Minutes and 30 Seconds and by bumping up my FTP to 300 before the start I had a set time to chase and it worked perfectly.

If you managed to pedal your way to 300W, you didn’t cheat it. (Unless you stood)


Sounds to me like you hit your mark, so congratulations :+1:

The real test is yet to come. Can you complete your plan at the new number? After 3-4 weeks of accumulative fatigue, you’ll have your answer.


Thx for the comment, that same question hold true for my “improvised” ramp test. If i did the normal test would that extra minute or two have added enough fatigue and I would not have reached 300?

If I understand it correctly all you did in essence was subtract out the first 2 or 3 one-minute steps at the beginning of the test. I wouldn’t guess those are adding much fatigue since they are sub 65%FTP.