Ramp test - started too low?

Hi all

A few weeks ago I did a Ramp test and for whatever reason finished on 205. Probably had a bit of a cold.

Nevertheless I’be shaken the man flu and have just completed a ramp, I thought I’d start it at 205 as opposed to self selecting a start point of 245 which I had last year

I felt pretty good and bailed out at 38 seconds in to step 16. My previous complete minute was 277/278

Yet after I cracked TR set my FTP at 211, I’ll roll with it and see how it goes but I’m confused why it set me so low after a good last minute? Was it because I started much too low?

The ramp test calculation for FTP takes your best 1-minute power and multiplies that by 0.75.

For example:
275w 1m power X 0.75 = 206.25w

If you look in your Ramp test and the “Personal Records” section, you can see the best 1 minute power. Take that times 0.75 and you will probably get close to the 211w that TR assigned.

It has nothing to do with your start, and everything to do with the best 1-minute power you hold towards the very end of the test, right before you pop and drop power significantly or lose it altogether.

If the starting FTP is set too low then the first couple additional steps shouldn’t adversely affect your numbers too much because its a couple of mins at subthreshold intensity.

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Yup, the only real impact for starting with a lower FTP for the Ramp test is more time below your current threshold. In effect, you are adding more “warm up” to the test.

Unless you have a massive difference between the start and end FTP, you are likely only adding a few minutes to the test. That said, we have seen some ramp tests run well over 30 minutes from low start values. Unless you spent more than 30 minutes on the test, you probably got a fair showing.

Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.

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