Ftp vs ramp test

Hello guys.
I have some question about testing.
I made an ftp test 20 mins. Few weeks ago. I made 316 watts effort.
I train with the new ftp. It seems to be very hard. I can’t finish a vo2 max training. So I decided to make a ramp test. It will be accurate? It seems to be very hard. I think I will make less watts. It seems to be unbelievable to finish the hole ramp.
Can I use the inside ramp test result for outside training too?
Thank you for the answer guys.

Ps: I usually fail at the 6-7th vo2 max interval.

The 20 minute test overestimates FTP for a lot of people. Maybe your real figure is more like 92-93% of the result, not 95%.

The ramp test - in my experience - gets the figure exactly right for vo2 intervals, making them hard but possible.

And don’t worry about more watts or less watts. I can write “300W” on my stem, doesn’t mean I can do it. The most important thing is that you have the right watts to make your training program challenging but achievable.


Thank you for the answer. So you recommend to make the ramp test? And train for that value? I have a little heavy legs. But tomorrow I will make.
When I can’t pedal more I finish the test. And the application will automatically estimate my ftp?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Take the ramp test, and just keep pedalling. It will be really hard for about 5 minutes. Just when you think you can’t go any longer, see if you can do another 30 seconds. And yes, the application will then tell you your new FTP.

It’s best to do it when fairly fresh though, so if your legs are still heavy tomorrow, do it on Monday.

Good luck!

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Thank you. My last question. It is normal. That my interactive trainer take off the resistance when my cadence really falls down. It is normal?

In the ramp test? Yes, when your cadence gets below a certain amount that shows you can’t keep up that power any longer, and the trainer takes off the resistance.

Thank you :slight_smile: