Cycling with Apple Vision Pro: The Future?

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And, no. From the FIT File Podcast were Ray talks about this:

  • It’s not sweat proof
  • When you stop a recording session, the screen goes completely blank for ~1 second

Or imagine the battery dies :grimacing:


I skipped sharing that to start, but you make a great point so I linked it above.
Thanks for the bump :smiley:

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Nope to the f*ckety nope nope. Already tired of this new “tech”…


If a lot of problems could be solved, a futuristic cool use case for using this while cycling could be teaching descending. Imagine if you could have the “correct” descending line overlaid onto the road. I wouldn’t want to do this at Pro speeds, but for us average cyclists this could be a great way to improve our descending skills.

But lots and lots and lots of improvements would need to happen first


I have a metaquest headset… all of this is immediately no… I got dizzy and developed a headache just thinking about all of this!!
Nope… not for me… the headset is now my kids…

Go back to sipping your prune juice while riding your penny farthing old timer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I haven’t played a video game in over two decades.

I havent play a video game since Thursday last week


The first version of the Apple Vision is great, but it will get better. And cheaper.

I would not use VP for cycling, but I am quite sure the future versions will be compatible with VR trainer apps like Zwift.

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So…what are we going to call them?


I don’t know, using this outside just seems very…laughable. I would absolutely use a very well ventilated vr setup for a zwift or rouvy 3d cycling app. But probably only occasionally. Or like for races etc.

To be clear he was adamant that it should not be used while moving be it cycling, driving, etc. He did the test (on an empty trail) for the YouTube views.

He did say he thought it was great for indoor training just to get different scenery and feel more immersed.

The last video game I played was Pong in the 1970s :blush:

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Play Lies of P or Elden Ring…awesome…Baldurs Gate is also great.

Waiting for the next game to draw me in.

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Username checks out

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The battery dying is actually super interesting behavior. You start getting alerts at 20% left, then 10% left, and then when it gets low enough you actually get a 10-second count-down on the screen. In other words, there’s no surprise it’s coming. The battery pack/cord is also very well secured (if that breaks, then frankly, something else just went horrifically).

The indoor testing was surprisingly cool, more so than I honestly expected it to be (after having ridden many other VR attempts over the years). And as noted, zero issues with sweat/heat/etc, despite 70 mins of trainer riding without a fan.

The outdoor piece, with the ride hardware tweaks, could be fascinating. As noted above, you can imagine tons of bike-computer like scenarios that are in the HUD instead. Other companies have done outdoor cycling HUD’s (and still exist), but they all largely suck. They mostly suck because graphics are pong-style. Apple says there’s 12ms of latency between the outside cameras and what you see. I don’t have a way to measure/validate that, other than to say: There was zero latency. Like, nothing.

While there’s a safety element that can be improved, I’d argue riding this on an empty pancake-flat dirt trail was far safer than just going for a bike ride on most roads in America. :wink:


i’ll argue making your brain into complete mush and disconnecting yourself from nature and the universe is less safe than the few hours per week we are not staring at screens / answering phones / stressed over bills / [insert other nonsense that humans made up that makes our lives unnatural / suck here]

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I get the sentiment, I would like to ride out… But sadly, in america, people generally don’t like cyclist and many actively put cyclist in danger. I only ride out when I go with a group. And that only happens once in a while. When I was in Washington DC, there were enough areas and trails where people could ride safely without cars. Now in FL, there are not that many and certainly I got nothing nearby. So I opt to be safe and ride indoors, while running outdoors

I really enjoyed the video btw. Thanks. It was an excellent guide to what it would be like, and absolutely confirmed my lack of interest.

The main issue I have with outdoor riding is that my eyes (thankfully) are quite amazing cameras, as it were. Light adjustability, targeted focus, speed, and well integrated thankfully. I don’t get the sense generally that I would need a HUD for cycling in any normal circumstance. I can imagine scenarios where it might be useful, but it’s such a narrow use case. That’s why I mentioned the idea of a race being an interesting case for a hud. OR imagine a time trial, head position downward, and camera forward.

There ‘are’ no doubt use cases, just not generally useful to me, in its current formulation, and likely (other than a time trial) no case where my amazing eyes are replaced by a camera. (at least not one where I can’t control the focus and acuity of it with my brain). I’m up for a sweet cybernetic transplant, but not a sweaty goggle. :smiley:

Thanks again for a really fun and interesting video. For my money the splash of sweat falling off the goggle was more entertaining than worrying about you hitting a tree in total darkness.

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