Zwift 2024 Updates….post ‘em here!

First up from @GPLama ……


Also side tech note….wondering if anyone else has had this issue (admittedly a niche issue)

When running TR on my laptop using ANT+, and Zwift on my AppleTV ( and using Companion app to pair devices), when I connect the Play controllers, it prevents the ERG mode on TR from taking control of the trainer.

As soon as I disconnect the Play controllers ( but still use the Companion app for other devices), Erg mode functions as normal on TR.

Anyone else experienced this?

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I will have to try a test on this. I almost never load the Play’s when I am following a TR workout in normal use.

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Let me know if you have the same issue…

My setup was as follows:


  • Running TR
  • paired via ANT+ to Saris H3 and Wahoo Tickr

AppleTV (pairing via companion app and BT)

  • Saris H3 as power source only (not resistance)
  • Cadence via Saris H3
  • Wahoo Tickr
  • Zwift Play Controllers

Having experience the problem once (and doing my workout via Resistance mode), I tried starting the workout, making sure Erg was engaged and operating properly and then starting ATV and pairing through the companion app. Once the controllers connected, Erg went to poop on TR. Got out of Zwift, restarted and connected everything except Play and it was fine.

I will give this a basic shot, but I am running a PC for both TR & Z app. The Apple TV is for my wife’s setup, so my testing will differ from yours a bit.

I also tend to use the Direct Connect option for TR on the PC, but can swap to ANT+ to test.

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Well, I got distracted with some family stuff last night and went into autopilot once I got on the traine.

I will flag this to test over the weekend.

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Any updates on this…haven’t been able to run Zwift (on Bluetooth) & TR (via ANT) since th who date with ERG issues