Another App for Visual Distraction [Open Road]

Trying this out after sticking the you tube video’s on while training and found out they got an app, which seems ideal as it’s cheap and mimics the effort being put in on the trainer. Proper video’s. I’m about to pull the trigger on yearly membership, cancel Zwift and work up the PL’s with TR.


It works on Windows Vista!!! I KNEW there was a reason I was still holding onto that old desktop from the early 2000’s…


It’s pretty cool. I did mean to say it can only be run on a windows machine, no IOS or Android app.

Always good to have more players in the market for sure, but if I was looking for another (paid) distraction, the windows only thing could likely be a deal breaker for me. I typically run TR (or whatever app i’m using) on an Apple product (MacBook and/or iPad).

While I DO have access to a PC laptop, it’s set up in my home office and i’m too lazy to lug it back and forth to the pain cave when I have a semi-permanent setup already there (the MacBook stays there but the iPad does move around with me)… the pricing definitely make it worth giving a look for sure though!

Interesting and cool! Thanks for sharing.

I noticed all the bike videos are on YouTube so you can definitely watch on any platform. Obviously the training software portion is PC specific but all we need are the eye-candy scenic destination videos. I’ve bookmarked/subscribed to the YT channel to watch along with TR!

With TR’s mini player overlayed I sometimes go on YT and search for scenic rides. A lot of great (and long) videos can be found there.

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They appear to be shot from a car. Almost too perfect I strongly prefer videos shot from handlebars, including some swaying and seeing the rider struggle when riding uphill…
I currently subscribe to Kinomap and am enjoying that a lot.

To each their own I guess

For sure each their own. Ha. I’m the complete opposite. I like smooth videos. I can’t stand the bike movement.

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