Zwift Smart Bike on the way. VR glasses too?

Looks like the cat’s out the bag - Zwift teased a few new hardware products there. Smart bike almost certainly a given as that’s their user bottleneck at the moment. It has to be an all-in-one and it has to be good value. Then they open up the product to a large user base. They can probably put down an investment case for an IPO at that point.

DCRainmaker reckons the other products are mundane, like a wheel on trainer or smart trainer. Maybenew footpod replacement.

What if they’re coming up with something hype like a washable cloth VR headset. Maybe something lightweight and cloth that surrounds the smart glasses and you wash?

They did showcase VR some time ago, and their software is built to be future proof for VR’s coming.

Great news either way. Just hope they get the price under the Wattbike Atom.

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They could mandated their equipment for sponsored eRace. A few sales from that at least. And, it’ll be really amusing to see VR used at races too. It’s not like sweat is a real thing.

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As along as you can wear swimming goggles underneath, it should be fine

That’s what it might be like. Swimming googles, small compact design. You see people wearing caps indoors and headbands, but done with ventilation in mind, a swimming goggle styled design could be less warm than both of those.

The experience would be mad immersive I bet too, especially with good noise isolating earphones.