Wahoo CEO: What failed & what's coming in 2024?


No RIVAL 2. :sob:

I love my RIVAL and much prefer its UI to the other watches I’ve tried. Hopefully, they support this one for a while. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Looking forward to hearing more about the new product coming out next month! Wondering what it could be :thinking:


Wahoo PVMNT – a trainer bike you ride outside on the road.


Process of elimination:

  • Not a Rival 2 (sorry Eddie :stuck_out_tongue: ) per Chip.
  • Not likely a new trainer or bike since the Move & Shift are so recent.
  • Maybe not a new desk or fan even though those sound like they may come in the future.


  • Maybe a new computer/head unit?
  • Could be something totally new (not existing product category) per the length of time in development.
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I believe they said it’s been in the works for many years—makes me think it could be something totally new, but who knows!


@dcrainmaker, great interview. More of these, please.


I really hope that its a new head unit…


Thanks for sharing @mcneese.chad. Finally got around to watching. Was a great interview, and I appreciated the amount of candor he shared.

It was interesting that he said they couldn’t bring the Neo-like flywheel/brake system they use for the bikes over to their trainers because the cost increase would be too high. If that’s the case, why can Tacx do it?

On the January release…If he wants to keep the head units simple, I don’t think there’s a new one coming in Jan. Doesn’t sound like it’s a new Systm thing. Not a new trainer. Not a new watch. Won’t be something like a desk or fan if it’s been a decade. I don’t think it will be some kind of rocker for the same reason. That leads me to think it’s something completely new. Something for running or triathlon? Coaching (since he said the Boulder shut down was purely a cost play)? Some form of low cost power meter? What else enhances the indoor experience? Saddles (highly doubt it)? Music/sound?

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  • I’d have to research to find the specifics, but the Neo has always sold for more than the Kickr of the same vintage. Roughly $200 USD from memory but could have been $100-300 since I don’t have all the prices history locked down.

  • That thought totally follows with Chip’s comments and their choice to leave that feature to Tacx, so seems aligned to me.

Agreed. I guess it’s just that if that’s the case, and they like it that way, that’s what I would have answered.

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They are currently on sale in Europe for 99 €. That’s really cheap.

Is it worth it for someone who wants a smartwatch but doesn’t want to spend €€€? I’d like to use it to record commutes and gym workouts.

I wear a Fenix, so I can’t comment on the quality of the Rival, but in the interview he did say they will continue to support it for years to come.


It’s not a smartwatch. It’s an activity tracker with some light smartwatch features. That’s the best way to think of it, so if you go into it with that mindset you’re generally not disappointed. The interface really is the simplicity that Wahoo delivers on the bike computers, which can be a breath of fresh air and get out of your way. eyes Garmin that blanks out your metrics temporarily when you go out of range on a structured workout


It’d be a stopgap solution and cheap enough to pay for with my fun money. I’d really like an Apple Watch, but my family has other priorities now.

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I’m very curious to see what they release next month. I have to say though, I have been firmly in the Wahoo ecosystem for 6 years and the QC has been steadily decreasing in my opinion. I am on my second TICKR in two years, and I have already had to warranty it. I have had the POWRLINK Duals since October and my left pedal already has lateral play (and after sending in a video to customer support over a week ago I haven’t heard anything). That being said my Kickr17 was a tank and my ELEMNT Bolt V1 just won’t quit. I still really prefer Wahoo products, but I am kind of concerned about the company’s trajectory.


Friends don’t let friends use current generation TICKRs. Nothing to do with QC, all to do with fundamental design.

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I’m bummed to hear about the Rival as well. I really like mine, but there is room for many improvements … which I thought would be continuously rolling out via firmware upgrades over the years, but that hasn’t happened — and looks like it won’t.

I’m pretty much all-in on the Wahoo stack because of (as mentioned in the interview) the simplicity and the “it just works” nature of the app and interface.

I switched from a Garmin Fenix 5x to the Rival because I didn’t use 97% of the Fenix features and the menu system was onerous.

Will probably get another Garmin watch, but I am definitely in the camp of wanting an “activity tracker” vs. a true “smart watch” … and by that definition it looks like the Forerunner 265 is probably the one that fits the bill best. Maybe?? I’m due for an upgrade this coming summer.

@batwood14 I think Suunto is one to look at, they’ve been making a come back and I may end up grabbing one to try - probably the Race since it’s so well priced - to see if it is somewhere between Garmin and Wahoo on complexity. I just can’t use Garmin for running, it just irritates me so much.

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Perhaps the new product is simply allowing TR rides and other third-party app activities to be pulled into Wahoo history. How very groundbreaking that would be.

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