Creatine, Pre-Workout Nutrition, Periodization and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 250

Thanks for that. I’ll do some reading.

I’ve never really read anything that suggested Creatine wasn’t an effective performance aid for (strength) athletes so interesting to read another side of things. This is another good reason for a proper deep dive.

Based off of a very quick skim, that paper isn’t enough for me to not supplement based on my own diet and training and what I suspect may be a positive effect related to some of the changes facilitated by Creatine supplementation.

I definitely want to do more reading though, particularly those performance in heat papers as well.

Thanks for the lead/info :+1:!

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I just listened to this episode and had to restrain myself from shouting in frustration and scaring my dog as the hosts just kind of ignored your question. Hope you got to a good place post-season, though I guess in 2020 it wasn’t much of an issue.