Dropping Weight, Stretching Peaks, Recovery & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 183

November 1, 2018

Dropping weight while raising power, making peak fitness last for multiple races and recovering properly are all very difficult ideals for a cyclist to achieve. Episode 183 will explore how to discover and push your limits for each of these ideals. Tune in and join us live!

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Topics covered in this episode:

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Coach Jonathan's Ramp Test

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I believe its about 8-30pm there at the moment, is the Podcast soon or in about 12 hours?

It will go live at 8:00am Pacific tomorrow morning! :slight_smile:

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I never would have guessed Nate for a Burning Man guy.


Done! :star::star::star::star::star:

QUESTION: when I do some stretches after riding - quad stretching with lunges for example - I find that the soles/arches of my feet try to cramp. I’ve tried rolling my the soles of my feet with a small hard massage ball, which gives short term relief, but boy does it hurt. Any other suggestions?


How do you manage effort during group rides when on a plan? Should you be focused being efficient and minimizing effort so that you don’t blow up your weekly TSS? I can ‘easily’ put in a 250-300 TSS effort over 5 hours if I’m not paying attention, which costs me when going back the structured workouts.

Nate’s career page is showing up as private for me. FYI.

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Same for me!

@ubacha @bherbers Oh no! Sorry about that I didn’t realize it was private! :frowning:

@Nate_Pearson needs to open the kimono!

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YouTube has stopped transmission

The live stream ended which is why it stopped. You can watch the rest of the episode right now here: Dropping Weight, Stretching Peaks, Recovery & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 183 - YouTube

That is “new”. I know because I looked right at it about a week ago.

Moved to private because there is “something in the oven”??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep I guessed as much, but I was just trying to let you know it stopped with them mid-sentence and before they had chance to wrap-up and say their goodbyes.

Good show and yes Coach Jonathan was right, one of my bikes is Titanium, thanks for answering my question guys.

Hmmm… I wonder why that happened?? Sorry it cut you off early!

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Speaking about the lofty goals:

I’m currently aiming for Dutch Mountainbike National Championships 2019 in the Amateurs class(categories vastly differ from US, choice between Elite and Amateurs). Now, I’d be quite surprised and over the moon if I can shoot for podium at that point. This year my training with TR started slipping when spring came around and of course the results never showed, Nationals was a disaster and probably my worst race of this season. Big lessons learned. Coming year the main goal is to peak around Nationals, finishing in 29th this year, top 10 is where I want to be coming year. Being able to build to a strong peak next year would be the perfect try out for 2020. Anyhow, I’m not gonna stop until I at least can say I had a fair shot at that jersey.

To add, I’d have mailed Jonathan if I was more sure I could shoot for top 5 :slight_smile:


Will next week’s podcast have Coach Chad providing details on his plan for Nate’s Double IPA base/build/speciality progression? :rofl:


I think he changed it right around the time he decided on trying high volume again - could be coincidence though, who knows. I considered asking on the livestream, but at the same time everyone deserves their privacy lol.

I actually really like seeing what he, Chad, and Jonathan plan (as I’m sure many others do) - especially Nate though… he brings a lot of value with his testing and the way he documents his workouts along with on bike nutrition etc is very valuable info.



Nate: Jimmy Dean would be sooo good
Chad: No


Looking forwards to giving this a listen to on the drive to work tomorrow :slight_smile: