Weight and VO2 Max, Why Interval Order Matters, Training Camps and More – Ask a Cycling a Coach 189

Join us live for Episode 189 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! We’ll cover how weight gain affects VO2 Max, why the order of the intervals in your workout matters, a comprehensive guide to training camps, and much more! Tune in, bring your questions and get faster!

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Live Notes


Really curious to hear about this!


Regarding running…Mike “Rusty” Woods. End of topic.:grinning:


Ditto! Run 1 or 2 fun- run 5Ks a year and I feel strong during the races but then my legs are stiff as a board for the next 3-4 days.

Thinking about throwing in one short run every week or every other so I at least use the muscles and don’t feel this way, because I anticipate my marathon running girlfriend “making” me run more 5Ks haha.

But I hate running, so only going to do it if it’s beneficial!

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+1 for eager interest. I’ve cautiously added a bit of running to my training (I’m tri-curious). Funny thing: running is so much more fun as a strong, fit person than it was as a fat, weak person… go figure! But I can still feel the urge to go too hard, too long and that’s going to lead to immediate injury. Big aerobic motor + cycling-optimized muscles and joints = Watch Out :slight_smile:


Coulda been all those “recovery” hours working as a bank teller. :thinking:

+1. Too slow, too early, too much work, weird run clubs…


Jeebus all of things are things that have been on my mind lately, can’t wait!

Oh man this one is loaded with nuggets!

I hate asking this, but when is it again?

Should be 8am PST today. It’s usually every Thursday unless they announced ahead of time that it’s on a different day.

If you follow TR on FB, you will likely get notifications when they make the placeholder post over there.

Then you can click on the start to get notified when the actually go live.

If you subscribe to them on YouTube you’ll get notifications that they have a broadcast scheduled as well.

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I have notifications turned off for just about everything which may be the reason I have this issue.

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I’m not a running fan but one of the best masters MTB racers in the US, Brian Schworm uses running to great effect in his training. The guy is a beast on the bike. Signup for free to see more about Brian.

@chad said running is bad for my cycling fitness (not verbatim, but that’s what I heard) :joy::joy:

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With the question “When to attack on the flats” I’ve had good results with a tailwind. It works well to whittle the group down. Meter energy for harder attacks later when the opportunity arises. Understanding that usually the nth attack goes not the 1st.

Similarly, when I’m working a break say in a crit I always try to get my rotation to fall on the tailwind section and bring the intensity up as sneakily as possible. The idea behind all tailwind is less draft for everyone chasing…everyone is using more energy to chase than sitting on a wheel into a headwind.

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I’m on week 2 of sub hv 1 (almost done with Geiger +2 as I write this. Have to be off Saturday, thinking of subbing wright peak -2 tomorrow rather than Pettit so I don’t have an easy day followed up off day. I’m sure I can handle it physically/mentally with my form. Other folks agree?

@Jonathan @Nate_Pearson I can’t remember who was doing Leadville next (Johnathon or Nate) but, you mentioned something about using drop bars. Nate Brown of the old (Trek/VW) team used drop bars at Leadville quite a while ago. Not sure if he’s still in Durango but, get a hold of him for some solid insight on the subject.

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Sorry @Jonathan @Nate_Pearson and @chad , but I am a big fan of Lance’s podcast too…

You can still listen, just give us more votes :).