Completed full Base-Build-Speciality cycle - what next?

So, I’m just about to complete the last week of the Rolling Road Race phase. In the absence of any specific event upcoming (other than weekly masters racing), should I restart the sweet spot base 1 program?

Why don’t you setup a new plan using Plan Builder?

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I would take two well-deserved weeks off of structured training to let body and mind recover and then start again with base.


Depends on your goals, how you’re feeling, and how the rest of your year/season has looked. If you’re like a lot of people in the Northern Hemisphere and have been training/racing throughout the warmer months it might be worth looking at an offseason or a bit more of a rest/reset while you decide what your plan is going forward. (Especially if you’re feeling pretty fatigued or like you need a bit of a break from structure.)
If you’re feeling fresh and motivated to keep building, you could definitely start over with base, though a bit of rest or ‘fun’ riding in between isn’t a bad idea either- just depends on where you’re at really.

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Do you have a goal in the near future ?
In this Case I would use Plan Builder.
Otherwise I would do mostly stenght and Base Cyling Training. Unter January.
Personally I think IT is mentally difficult, to follow informiert Training Plans the whole year.

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Cheers guys…. I’m in Australia so coming into our summer. Don’t have any specific goals so think I might restart with base phase but on low volume and incorporate more outdoor rides.

Difficult not to get too obsessed with hitting numbers and improving through indoor riding!