Not racing anytime soon - skip specialty phase?

I’m not planning to race any time soon, the main goal is an ironman in 2021. With that in mind should I skip the specialty phase and just repeat base and build? Or something else entirely!



However, if you have that much time, you might want to find some goal/races before that, and do a full base-build-speciality cycle for them, even if its just to test out how you react? Plus, I’d fjnd it hard to keep motivation for a race two years away!


Oh I’m sure I’ll end up doing something shorter next year, I’m just rebuilding fitness after an 8 year break.

I would jump back into base building. Build that engine! :muscle:

I remember from the podcast that there is still value in doing the full BBS. In fact you can nail the whole progression as you don’t have to abide to any ‘goal date’.

It’s worth a look at some of the TR training articles on this issue. There are a couple of potential approaches.

One is to treat it as an extended season

The other is to treat this time as an off-season.