Should I start again

Have been going for 4 weeks on the climbing road race plan. It has been great so far I feel like I am riding better and feel fitter. The reason I think about starting again is that I didn’t do any of the build phase plans. I wanted improvements in my climbing ability as I live in an area that has plenty of hills I can climb. Felt like I was in good enough condition to go straight to the speciality phases. Have read loads of the threads here and understand TR itself better now which had made me rethink. Don’t know what I should do. Should I change back to a base plan or finish what I have started then change

I am not a racer or anything just wanted to improve my riding and perhaps show a few people up on the weekend group ride😉

Yup, especially without specific event timing limits, I think it’s worth a restart.

I’d suggest starting with Sweet Spot Base 2. Then the Build plan of your choice (possibly General since you want all-around fitness).

People often think they have a good base, but it usually pales in comparison to what is gained in this manner.


Thanks for confirming what I thought was the right idea. Have made the change and will start it tomorrow