Combining road climbing plan with a triathlon plan

I have two A races among minor ones: a very challenging climbing road race at the beginning of July and a more reachable Olympic Triathlon 9 weeks later. I would like to focus on the climbing race until July, but still have a low plan to swim twice a week and run once or twice.

No matter what I try to do, TR ignores my Triathlon race until after the climbing race. Is there a way to combine the “road climbing plan” with a low-volume swim and run (tri) plan?

Thank you.

CaptainMyam did u come u with a solution to this as i have the same problem

I’ve done this and from my own experience, the whole plan suffers because the bike intensity is too high if you also run and swim. But maybe it works for you.

One way is to put in the tri plans that you want to do until your road event, and delete all the bike workouts. Then add the rolling road race plan via plan builder or the individual bike plans on top of that.
After your road race you do plan builder again for the tri phase. Or add the plan yourself.

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I contacted TR support, and they gave me a similar suggestion. Add a tri plan at the end of your season and move the relevant workouts to the desired day. Not super user friendly but it works.

I also want to use this as an opportunity to recognize how responsive and helpful their TR team has been. I have been impressed by their support.