TT vs Road Climbing Plans

In the next couple weeks my block starts for my A Race - I race Duathlon, and I use a different run program than TR.

I usually just use the Sprint Triathlon program and delete the swims and runs, however, they released the course map and its a 20K bike, out and back course, first 9K is uphill, turnaround, comeback down.

Should I stick with the Sprint Triathlon program, or should I do the Road Climbing program?

Thanks as always, this forum has been so helpful!

I’d stick with the triathlon plan as your effort should more or less be steady state, whereas the climbing RR plan focuses on more punchy efforts I believe.

Also the last podcast was all about which plan to pick, you could give that a listen as well.

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The Road Climbing plan is a more steady effort plan. I think you’re thinking of the Rolling Road Race plan.

But I agree that sticking with the tri plan is a better idea. It’s more specific and will probably develop the right type of fitness.

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You are right, I was thinking rolling RR, thanks for the correction.