Plan adjustment - swimming

Hi all-

Because of injury (shoulder) and now Covid-related restrictions (pools closed) I missed the first two months of my swimming workouts. I am on a mid-volume half-distance triathlon plan, started 30 October.

My A-event is planned for 20 June 2021, so there’s still plenty of time.

My question: (how) can I start the swim plan for my A-event from 20 January until A-event date? (20 January because then the lockdown in the Netherlands is planned to be interrupted.)

What I am fearful of is that missing the first two months of swimming already, I basically skipped all the base work for swims. I’d be jumping in the pool on a Build phase swimming schedule, while I know I need to take it slowly.

I hope there is a Calendar function that could take care of this.

Any advice is welcome, really.

Thanks in advance and happy holidays!

Are you using TrainerRoad to plan all three disciplines? If so, you could enter your event into TrainerRoad and use Plan Builder with a start date of 20 Jan to see what it gives you, then manually schedule the swim workouts while keeping your existing bike and run workouts. It’s a bit messy but I don’t know of any way to re-phase just the swims without affecting bikes and runs.

Yes, TR Plan Builder for all three disciplines.

In practice it would mean starting an additional plan (so to speak), half-distance tri between 20 January and 20 June, right? That won’t mess with my current schedule? Because the running/cycling schedule I can maintain as is. Then when I enter my new plan I would have to remove all new cycling/running workouts manually in that period, I guess?

If nothing else then I will try that!

Ok, what I suggested is not possible, because my current plan hasn’t ended yet (obviously) I cannot build another plan concurrently.