Plan adapting to races not included in plan

I’m doing climbing road race mid volume , starting back in September and ending in may I’m currently in a build phase and added a race for Sunday in the original plan but ended up doing a flat race Saturday instead and Train now on Sunday . I used my workout for Saturday , an hour and a half vo2 max during the 45 minute race and just continued to ride the rest of the workout after the race to completion. Having gotten dropped at 22 minutes the plan was not exactly to plan . After TR asked me if I wanted to use this race as part of my plan , Saying yes increased my workouts to a higher level for the following two tuesdays. Then after when I loaded the train now workout on Sunday it lowered nearly every workout . Going forward I want to race on the next four saturdays , but not sure how this will effect my plan if I’m really going deep yet not necessarily hitting the “right” numbers .

At the moment I believe a race won’t affect the plan unless you are skipping workouts to do them which will force AT to adapt. To get AT to recognise the training progress gained by actual racing you could match them to a workout but thats problematic I believe. I think TR said they were close to it PL’s 2 which will take account of non TR workout rides :crossed_fingers:

So you think it’s best to match to a workout as opposed to using the actual workout outdoors mode

If you can find something which matches it roughly (I think you’d look at IF and TS) its a potential work around until PL’s 2 is launched. Its not perfect though as I think AT could be over or under estimating the training effect that the race has; and there’s probably a few other things I’m missing to complicate it further.