Christmas holidays

Hi all, probably a bit late to be asking this but… My current sweetspot base plan doesn’t take any of the Christmas holidays into account, ie. there is even a workout planned for Christmas day. How do people work around things like this? Just by missing workouts or properly restructuring around such occasions?

Moving them via the calendar


Do your workout and just postpone this year’s Christmas to December 26, 2021.


None of the TR system will recognize “holidays” of any variety. That would be a relative nightmare considering the worldwide nature of the users, not to mention the fact that there is no guarantee that a holiday is free or occupied for any training need.

That aside, you can either skip them or move them as needed. Much depends on your schedule and any impact when looking at planned events (if you have them) on your calendar. It is something you need to consider in your overall plan and then apply according to the info below:

Here are ideas on interruptions of varied lengths and reasons:

Here are the calendar tools:


Thank you that is really useful!

Get up early do your workout :laughing:…that’s what I’ll do…reduced guilt from beer/chocolate as well…that said it is easier to be antisocial this year in the UK…we’re not allowed to go anywhere! :roll_eyes:


If you want to get faster you know what to do… :joy:

All silliness aside missing one workout probably won’t hurt you… In fact at your next ramp test how would you quantify any loss due to that missed workout when there are so many other variables in life.

Or, er, move it? :thinking:



FWIW, I moved my one day off per week to Christmas day. I’m paying a little for it now as my legs are cooked but a small sacrifice given what we’re celebrating.


Squeezing the 3 workouts of this week into 3 days, pushing out next week by one. Not going to be near the trainer, but will have snow to play in, so that certainly is worth the push.


I plan on indulging on xmas day, so will also be getting out on the bike…


Lots of good advice here but I’ll share what I did.

I want to complete the workout scheduled for Christmas day without doing it on Christmas day, so I ended up making this last Sunday a day off (skipping a lower internsity endurance ride), then moving all my other workouts a day forward. Usually Monday is a total rest day, but I made Sunday the rest day, doing each workout a day earlier than usual, Friday will be another day off, then back to the plan on Saturday.

It might be too late for you to shuffle rest days like this ahead of time, but you could push your Friday workout to Saturday, then push each workout a day forward until your next rest day. Just be sure that working on your typical rest day isn’t overdoing it for you

Thankfully, xmas day workout is an easy, 1h z2 ride. So i’ll be doing it at 4.30 am, when the kids wake up to snuffle through their presents.

Or not.

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I looked at the week’s workouts, picked my least favorite, moved it to Christmas and will conveniently run out of time to do it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.