Training during Christmas

I used to stress out every time when it came to Christmas break. How will I squeeze in training in between all those commitments. But over the last couple years (coinciding with a certain pandemic) I decided to take it easy, simply chill out over those 2 weeks and forget the trainer.
Anyone similar approach or you guys press on and keep training as usual?


I used to take a training setup on the road and get some in while away. But it’s a hassle and I aim to focus on family when there.

I’ll front load with some workouts and make it up on the back end as well. Early season and not worth sweating it too much,.for me at least. Only took me 5 years to reach this conclusion. :wink:


If we travel by car I take dumbbells and jumprope. If the opportunity presents itself I’ll take a walk, hike, whatever and then do sets of squats, walking lunges, step-ups, plus upper body with the dumbbells.

I figure that at least I get some daily muscular stimulus and cross training. Maybe it will maintain some capillaries and mitochondria while off the bike.

As long as you don’t slack off for weeks or months at a time, don’t worry about a few days off.


Exactly. BTW I think I’ve heard the “January hero summertime zero” phrase on one of the podcasts in the context of Christmas time training…no point of stressing mind and body out…


Probably depends on the type of training.

Hard to go wrong piling on the Z2 base miles at this time.


I’m Jewish. I see Xmas as a great opportunity to train and ride more :slight_smile:



I spend a few weeks traveling to visit my wife and my family over Christmas (it’s WAYYY to stressful to call it a vacation, which is a total waste of vacation days, but that’s a different rant). I try to get out and walk/hike when I can, more as stress relief than anything else, and do some core work every few days. It’s not cycling TSS, but it’s stress!

Like Chad mentioned, I tend to front and backload riding. I did Disaster on Saturday, and then got in several 2 hour rides and some strength work leading up to travel day.


Thank you for your comment sir. I feel embarrassed now stupidly assuming by default that everyone celebrates Xmas. Have a great training!


To paraphrase Adam Sandler, “8 Crazy Rides!”


Never. I bake Christmas into the calendar as a rest week. Works great. No stress. Avoid the masses as much as possible to reduce infection/germs. Keep the core work.




Festive500 for me again this year - it’s my big endurance block


I always intend to do the Rapha 500. But than it never happens… :-)) I’m just a lazy MF


Agree here. It usually is connected to the intensity during the year. If you go nuts the whole year with regards to intensity, you’re gonna burn out.

On the other hand, if you chill a bit for a few weeks and do lots of endurance rides (z1-z2 coggan) you’re just gonna build base, let the body rest a bit from the intensity etc.

But, to answer your question:
I dont think its ever good when you feel stressed due to training. I have been sick for 2 weeks and feel the same “guilt” over losing fitness and seeing everyone else ride while I was in bed. We dont get paid to ride bikes (at least most of us), so no need to carry stress due to being sick or having some family time during Christmas and whatnot.

I would take a break from TR and just do some z2 rides (1-1.5 hr). Rides like Baxter are perfekt. Depending on how much you’ve ridden before, I think 3-4 Baxters per week during Christmas time will be great to still add some load, but not stress you out due to intensity or such. Put on some YouTube and just let the legs spin :slight_smile:


I carry on as normal, but power my long trainer rides with mince pies. :pie:


I used the anotation tool to schehdule time off for six days when I’m away from my trainer / bike. I’ll still run over that time but just going off of feel.

@mcneese.chad for the win, again!

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I’ve managed to time things so I’m actually in week 5 of SSBLV1 this week :joy: I will do the two sweet spot workouts tomorrow and Thursday, a Z2 ride on Christmas Eve, then the threshold workout on Boxing Day. Wish me luck!

Next week is recovery week, which is actually quite good as we’re going away with some friends for New Year’s Eve.

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I’m lucky to have a family that are all pretty active in their respective sports over the holidays as well as having a fairly small/toned down get together, so I usually don’t change too much. Often take the day after as a rest or easy day in anticipation of a few drinks :stuck_out_tongue:


Going to focus on doing something every single day, could well be back in lockdown after the holidays which is a depressing thought again