Prevent calendar from skipping workouts

Either I hate the Calendar, or I don’t know how to work with it.

I’m ‘enrolled’ in Sweet Spot Base 1 mid volume. I don’t adhere to the schedule. The weather’s been phenomenal so I’ve kept riding outdoors, I went abroad for a cycling trip and sometimes I don’t feel like doing a ride. I completed week 1 and then did no indoor cycling for about 8 days (or more).

The Calendar now skipped an entire week of workouts. I don’t want this. I don’t want to skip the next work out in line. I want to complete all workouts (at my own time). A six week plan will turn into 8 or 9 for me.

So I don’t want the Calendar to skip the workout for me, I want it to just keep pushing it back until I do it. Is this possible?

If not, I hate the Calendar.

If it is possible, please tell me how.

Life will always get in the way for me. The calendar makes no sense for someone like me. I like to take training seriously, but I’m not an actual racer; so I’m not one to squeeze in sessions when I don’t feel like it.

Please help


One way is to push the weeks forward so they don’t get skipped, and then to desired exercise to the day you want to do it.

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This is my biggest issue with Calendar. I want to do all the TR workouts, but I don’t want to necessarily do them on the day scheduled… and I dont want to have to shift all the rest of the workouts forward.


Oh wow, this is absolutely terrible. I don’t like using those strong words as i’m sure a lot of effort was put into this, but surely the developers / designers must’ve seen this coming?

This is a major design flaw. This calendar feature surely only works (as designed) for a very VERY small portion of the user base?

Would love to see an official Trainerroad reply to this thread.

edit: Been reading some articles about the Calendar. Seems like they were aware of the issue before implementing the feature, but feel like the Calendar is still the way to go. Fair enough, but I still disagree. A lot of people like myself will have to micromanage their plan now to ensure no workouts are skipped.


Just click on the 3 … to the right of the calendar and push the plan forward a week. Easy as that.

I’m signed up to the same plan and this is a sort of related question. Is there still a facility to “Assign” a planned indoor ride to an outdoor ride. This used to appear when you clicked on the ride in the plan but I can’t see this feature any longer. I’ve emailled support but no response for a couple of days, very unlike them.

In terms of skipped workouts can you use the “annotate” function before you get to a workout and enter a block of time where you will not be doing any indoor training. Agree this is still not ideal but maybe easier than changing individual workouts?

I’m with you I hate the auto skip also…

Just click on the outdoor ride and there is a option to match bottom right of window, select the ride to match

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Ya my life & calendar are already a mess, having to constantly move workoutsis a hassle. Was hoping that calendar was going to help with plotting macro stuff. But now if I substitute a ride outside everything gets outa wack. I definitely miss tainner workouts in a block but but often ride out side ( no power) or run or strength train. Somehow calendar has made this more confusing not less . I would love an option to go back