Winter holidays schedule - how do u cope?


  1. Soon we will enter the winter holidays, how are u planning to train during Christmas/New year? At the moment i think it’s a bit tricky with traveling and stuff. I don`t really think it’s possible to do my rides as scheduled ( SSB MV II starting next week ). Any advices?

  2. And second question : My first race is in 26 weeks ( a 55 km mtb marathon pure flat open fire roads/trails ). Just finished SSB MV I, going to SSB MV II -> Build Phase Mid or High, dunno yet ( sustained power ) -> Speciality Phase Off-Road mtb Marathon Mid or High ( again dunno yet ). This schedule should leave me at 2 weeks before the event.

I mainly race MTB marathons and my first goal is at the end of June. Would u do some adjustments to this schedule, as in repeating a SSB or a Build Phase before going to Speciality?

Also how can i continue the schedule in order to peak in late june 2020?

Many thanks!

Some considerations and options.

For me the holidays are for family and friends. I take time to enjoy this moment and don’t split hairs. Plus, I’ve found having a well rested immune system around the holidays may help to stay healthy through the spring.


As just above, enjoy the holidays and spend time with friends and family.
Really would not worry about it, June is so, so, so far off. There are bound to be (other) interruptions before then. Just do the sessions with the higher Intensity Factors if and when you can. If you can do a bit more then include the high TSS sessions, but don’t stress it.
Some very fast people don’t even start training seriously/structure until Jan for ~ June.


My advice would be to enjoy the holidays. You’ve got a long period of time before your event(s) and some pretty hard sessions to get through. Use the holidays to decompress.

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Buying powermeter pedals just so that I can train in Zurich when I go visit my family.

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I’ve arranged a bike bag rental to take the bike along on the train.

Going to get some miles in with other friends, giving a bit of headspace for the many family events and some room for the extensive dinners…

Did the ramp test last night after SSBMV 1. Got a bump of 22watts. Ahead of SSBMV 2 i’m a little “scared” of what’s coming. That 22watts may not be really 22 ( i understand the concept behind and this value May not be real 100%).
What should i do if i find it difficult to finish workouts? Lower the ftp increase to 15watts? Or the intensity of workouts to 95%?

Don’t sell yourself short and gut it out.

If you go into a workout thinking you’re going to turn down the intensity, then you’re probably going to turn down the intensity.


Comming back to this post…

Last night did Taylor -2, which was very manageable, felt really good for the entire workout.

Last weekend i had 1 threshold and 1 sweetstop workouts. Failed both of them pretty bad. Was the first week of SSBMV 2 and after a FTP bump of 22 wats. I think there are some gains even though i failed them this bad.

It was a really chaotic weekend in terms of family time and traveling, maybe this is was the reason of failing idk. Looking forward for this weekend with Clark and Hunter in schedule, and Donner tomorrow.

If you’re buying Assiomas take your charging lead etc if you engage travel mode otherwise you won’t be able to turn them on.

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I end up just taking two weeks off over Christmas. No training and over indulgence. It a fair compromise though, as my other half puts up with all my Ironman training for the rest of the year


I just timed my 6 week plan to end just before Christmas giving me a week of ad-hoc riding before hitting a new plan. I think you just have to think ahead and then chill out a bit. If you miss a few days you’ll soon get it back and your body will probably thank you for it.

Have two weeks off at holiday time and use that time to jumpstart my winter training with a mini-camp type block. Longer rides, bigger TSS, some two workouts per day stuff (ride and weights).

Am fortunate that my spouse is a former racer and totally gets it. Keep a bike and rollers at my parents home so Dad and I do a couple hours in the basement each day while we visit them.

I’m kind of lucky. As a CX racer, my offseason lines up perfectly with the holidays. 2020 training doesn’t start until 2020!!!