Adjusting plan for holiday

Hey All, i’ve just started training with TrainerRoad and I’m excited to see how fast i can get. I have a structured plan set - low volume - training 3 days a week: mon / wed / fri .
However I have a long weekend holiday coming up mid june - am i better off just putting the holiday into the plan and skipping the mon and fri workouts while im away or should i move workouts around so i still complete every workout as prescribed. i could move the mon workout back a day and move the following week workouts forward one day each. not sure which to do - thanks for any advice

If you are using plan builder and add the holidays as annotations it should restructure around them.

I then either use train now or have a fun ride if plans change. Think the gf wouldn’t be best pleased if all our shared holiday was spent training!

cheers mate, you are right about the GF mate she wouldnt be happy at all. hahahaha

Not sure it’s right, but for long weekends (and/or work), where I know I’m going to be off the bike, I move the key workouts for the week before. My logic is I’ve the extra days recovery. But back to back days can be hard.