What has TR scheduled for you on Christmas Day?

A nice easy endurance ride to set you up for the day? I wish!

I got Starlight -2 is 3x10-minute over-under intervals alternating between 3 minutes at 95% FTP and 2 minutes at 105% FTP
The primary objective is to increase your ability to tolerate and utilize the byproducts that accompany riding above your FTP,

Talking of FTP at Christmas I was expecting some relief from Festive Tucker Pains :slight_smile:


I get Window. A 3.7 threshold workout. Not too bad. It’s 3 x 10 with endurance before and after.

Robinson+2. Given that I am already working 10h on Xmas day and have young kids, doing a 5h ride is just not happening. Will just add 5h total of z2 work after other workouts this week.

Nothing - - I put an Xmas break in for my Plan Builder plan. :grinning:


Same here, and it’s the first time I setup a plan with pre-annotated “time off”.

Oddly I think it makes me feel totally ok without a workout on the calendar where without using the feature I’d likely be feeling guilty or figuring where I could cram something in.


Leconte threshold 5.9 and I work at the hospital that day :pensive:


I think Pierce +1 was on the cards. I deleted it.

I’m taking a break over the Christmas period. I have totally tanked over the past couple of weeks. Time to listen to my body.


Originally Starlight -2 (threshold 4.0, I’m at 1.9 currently) but I think I’ll do it on Thursday instead as I am one day ahead of schedule anyway

Luckily a recovery week is scheduled. Either way I will probably take the day off and enjoy quality time and help my wife cook for guests coming over. Plenty of other days to ride. Xmas is a day to relax and enjoy good food and family time.


Genevra -5, end of a block so weird 30 minute workout instead of 90 I’d usually have. Moving it to Friday and subbing in something 1 hour before we head out of town. Usually just bring a bike with me, parents have 3 trainers, but christmas + baby shower = full car on the way home.

I’m on a LV plan so there’s nothing scheduled for Christmas day at the moment. I have Sleeping beauty +2 in my Calendar for today but after the weekend I might make today a rest day which might see Sleeping Beauty +2 fall to Christmas Day. I think I have decided though this Christmas to have leisure cycling take the priority though. After a four days on the Scottish excuses for roads however, my crank decided to fail but I have hopefully managed to borrow another bike. If not Plan A will be out the window and I will have to fall back to Plan B (a bit like the UK government) and resort to the turbore and training.

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I have Leconte (Threshold 5.9 o/u) scheduled for Christmas Day, but I’m pushing it back to Boxing Day. I’ll get my two sweet spot workouts done during the week, maybe an endurance ride too in between. Low volume plans are great for flexibility aren’t they?


I’ll have earned my turkey.


wow… this doesn’t look great.
I have read that shimano doesn’t acknowledge the high failure rate of DA cranks. Wonder if this is the kind of failure they are ignoring.

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FasCat’s 10-Week Weight Lifting Program has me scheduled for a 3-hour group ride on Christmas and a 3-hour endurance ride on Sunday. I scheduled Big Mountain and Ptarmigan in TR, but neither will happen as I’ll definitely take Christmas off and will be driving to start vacation on the 26th.

I would love to use the week between Christmas and New Year’s for a huge endurance block but instead I’ll use it for rest and recovery, probably doing a lot of stretching and yoga. I may also try Dialed Health for a week using the 7-day free trial.

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Nothing. :smiley: My TrainerRoad cadence is 5 workouts per week, Monday through Friday. And I will be traveling for the Holidays and don’t feel like bringing my bike/trainer. If I get home early enough then I might do a TrainNow threshold/sweet spot workout.

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I had heard about it before but I googled it yesterday and the other failures were the exact same. In most cases the crack on the inside and the case pulling away on the outside. In a few cases the whole crank arm following the crack seems to have broke away. In a wee way I am glad it happened when it did at the top of a long hill rather than a sprint (the latter could have been extra messy :open_mouth:)

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I have my plan set M-F, weekends being whatever the hell I want to be (I workout on my lunch and/or commute).

Leconte for me then Keith on New Year’s day! Think I’ll be moving both of those forward to the Friday!

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Gawd, I didn’t even think to check!

It appears I have Palisade +1.

5x9min of over unders.

Alternating 1min at 98% followed by 2min at 105%! Ouch.