Chris Froome interview today regarding changes in on-bike nutrition

Check out Chris Froome’s interview on “The Move Podcast” starting at 34:40 (link below). Let me know what you think.

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I haven’t touched this in any way, if you’re talking about me.

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That’s linking to a scientific article not a podcast :thinking: at least it is for me.

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No thoughts from me. I don’t think he really had any, either, other than it’s hard to get used to doing 100g of carbs per hour but riders are getting faster. He’s doing it so he must be into it.

0/10. This is a troll account right?

We may just see this circle back around turtle blood and caterpillar fungus. I mean they say the 90s are making a comeback right? :rofl:


I listened this afternoon and thought about that thread.

Might spend too much time here…


No thanks.

Besides the fact that this looks like nonsense since everyone can see your post, grow up.


There was another thread talking about how nutrition was the biggest difference in cycling today compared to non-doped performances in the past.

Thats the context for why this was mentioned.

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