Greg Lemond on the Roadman Cycling Podcast: Omerta Busted

Lemond dropping bombs everywhere in this podcast. Talks mechanical doping, Armstrong, Froome, current crop of riders and more. I’m watching it now and here’s the link: Omerta Busted: LeMond's Unfiltered EPO Tale | Roadman Podcast - YouTube


Is this on youtube only? His other regular podcast feeds do not list this episode. Or does this come with a delay?

Really looking forward to this.

13-years old me sitting in front of the telly watching the final ITT in Paris. Hooked for life.

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Sounds like Sweet Spot is the way to win a clean TdF :ok_hand:


Tubemate was my friend to listen this while out running. Great interview, simply a great guy.

BTW, the book is available on

Anyone know where to find the whole interview not on YouTube? I prefer to listen while on the move.

Edit: Where I can listen without streaming video.

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On suspicions w/r to current generation: good to hear his take, however, since he stressed weight so much I still have my doubts w/r to grey area doping. E.g. stuff that helps you lose weight w/o losing power. A couple of month ago I read that Italian Anti Doping detected tyhroid drugs in over half of all samples. This is legal. General population: <1%. This medication helps with losing weight and maintaining power.


YouTube premium you can do both!

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Assuming that it’s drugs for hypothyroidism (slower metabolism than normal)?

Yep, that’s exactly what they said. Actually heard this on the radio.


So the podcast in an app is only 20 minutes, and his full episodes are only on Youtube?

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I’m suspicious that thyroid supplementation would help lose weight without power. Having a disease that gave me high thyroid levels before it came under control, I can say that I lost muscle mass (granted, I wasn’t very active at the time, but not inactive either).

I guess, maybe if it was managed carefully, it could, in theory, result in only fat loss only. But there is so much possibility for side effects, as mentioned before.

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I was thrown off by that too. Didn’t know he had longer stuff on YT.

Yep. That’s why I asked if there was a place to listen without YouTube video.

Well its dated yesterday on YouTube, looked on a couple podcast apps and its not available yet. There are longer 30+ minute podcast episodes on Spotify for Podcasters and my favorite app (Overcast).

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Base - build for 6 weeks - rest - sharpen - win the tour. A classic strategy and bring some exceptional genetics with you.


Can probably rip a mp3 from YouTube if you have 5 mins to setup youtube-dl.

Link to the paper on ketones he mentioned

Though I don’t think this changes that much. My understanding is that acute ingestion of ketones improves performance for a race that has characteristics of a sprint stage in the TDF. It does not touch on logitudinal use or recovery at all.

His mention of ketones was flat out wrong from everything I heard, but given your reference to the study I see the results of the test. This does seem to contradict other results that I’ve heard on popular podcast. None the less, it doesn’t take into account the purported recovery effects of chronic ketone use pre/post exercise I’m not a physiologist or even a wannabe physio so I’ll just use normal language now.

There were a lot of topics that deserve some comments. I was definitely suprised by how he spoke about motor doping and how athlete’s cadence on the uphills were a tell-tale sign (armstrong & froome). I was also pretty shocked when the host called out Sparticus when he counter attacked Boonen at the Tour of Flanders. Greg also observes multiple bike changes during this period of racing. I never picked up on that myself.

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He seems super personable and likeable, though he seems like the classic “story teller” type which made me a little less confident that everything was as sure as he made it seem.

He seems less bitter about things than I thought, but he’s obviously done ok all things considered.


To me the main takeaway is that it is probably not worth it for anything other than multi-hour races and, if taken consistently over time, recovery. In other words, don’t down ketones before a crit race and expect improvements

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