Todays pod - fructose?

I was so pumped about listening to Kyle talking about fructose today but i must have missed it?
When did they cover it?

We weren’t able to get to that one (ran out of time).

We’ll cover it next time, but between now and then, here are some episodes in which we discussed fructose with Kyle:


I’m listening to it right now and the title is “Protein for Cyclists and Sodium Loading with Dr. Kyle Pfaffenbach - Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 479”. Maybe it used to say fructose, but it doesn’t now.

We said that we were going to talk about fructose at the beginning, so I think that’s what is being referenced.


Finally a TR podcast that addresses GAINZ!

Still great episode with a whopping 2 questions answered this time around.
This part blew my mind…

BCAA’s competing with Tryptophan and helping stave off fatigue during ultra efforts? :exploding_head:

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