Sweet Spot Base High Volume 1 what next

I am looking for advice on choosing a plan for the future [Google translator :wink: :wink: ]

I have recently started the Sweet Spot Base plan high volume 1 which will end on Dec 23, 18. what would you recommend for further development considering that the first star will be at the end of April, my goal is road racing from 90 to 120km in varied terrain, short steep uphill max 6/7 min and maybe several races for the summer with uphills about 20 min . I’m 36 years old 80kg and my FTP is oraund 295, I work 10 hours [standing and walking] between 10am to 8pm so my 1.5 hour workout will end around 10pm, my work days are not always the same days, 9 hours a week is the max I can spend on training. thanks for answering and best regards from Poland.

Hey there!

If you have completed Sweet Spot Base (SSB) High Volume 1, the next step is to go into SSB 2. Whether you choose to do high volume or mid volume is up to you depending on if you were able to manage the high volume plan through SSB 1.

After this, I would recommend either General Build or Sustained Power Build. Which one you choose will depend on what you want to work on the most. If you feel you want more sustained power and want to be better at the longer climbs during races, I would suggest the Sustained Power Build. If you want to be better all around, I would recommend the General Build.

As for a specialty plan, this is where you want to pick a target race for next season. Depending on what race you want to set as your β€œA” race, will determine which plan you want to follow. Based on the explanation of what you have given me, it sounds like you want to target a β€œrolling” road race format so maybe a Rolling Road Race Specialty plan. There is also the Climbing Road Race Plan that will target races with more sustained climbs in them if this interests you.

So, here is the progression I would recommend:

  1. Sweet Spot Base 1 (which you have completed)
  2. Sweet Spot Base 2
  3. Either Sustained Power Build or General Build
  4. Either Rolling Road Race Specialty or Climbing Road Race Specialty

I hope this helps!


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Thanks for the quick reply it helped a lot,


No problem!