New here, which plan?

Hello all trainer road peeps,

I have been training all winter on another platform and have now made the switch to TrainerRoad after many hours listening to the podcast. I am many focused on criterium races and some road races. Should I start with sweet spot base or jump into a build phase? If so which one should I start with? Thanks a lot

If you have enough time:

If you don’t have that much time, and are confident that you have sufficient base:

I just linked to the main pages (not direct volume versions), because you should consider which volume level is appropriate for your history, recovery time, and needs. Best to shoot for a lower volume level if you haven’t done intensive indoor training to this level. It is better to increase to a higher volume after finding the lower one is manageable (compared to starting too high and blowing up).

Thanks for the quick reply. I am already in season of racing and looking to maintain/continue to increase fitness. These workouts will be supplemented in the week in between group rides and racing on the weekend. Looking at sprinkling in better workouts than my previous platform. Also plan to do low volume.

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If you already have the form and just want to sharpen, maybe dip in to the first few weeks of specialty and see how it compliments your current race schedule. Having said that, you can absolutely continue racing while starting at something like sweet spot base II. Low volume will let you fit in races while still working on improving. It may also make your transition to off season that much better.

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A great suggestion :+1:

If you’re looking for further insight on getting faster for your Criterium season, this could be a great resource as well:

Good luck with your season!

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Thanks for all the great info!

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Does it matter if I start with base 1 or base 2?

Yes. Start with Base 1 if you are planning on a full base. Then proceed to Base 2. They are intended to be completed in order.

It is possible to skip Base 1 if you have reasonable fitness already. Coach Chad covered that in a prior podcast and said Base 2 is the more substantial and important between the two.

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