After 2xSweet Spots & Rolling Road Specialty, What Next?

I completed 3 phases of training but don’t know what to do now. I’m outside more but want to keep TR workouts going. I’ve done the following . . .

  • Sweet Spot Base I (Mid Vol)
  • Sweet Spot Base II (Mid Vol)
  • Specialty Phase – Rolling Road (Mid Vol)

My plan is to just pound segments so nothing serious. Should I start another SS build phase or repeat the Rolling Road?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.


So you went from Base to Specialty skipping build? Build is where you get the most gains.

Yep…as above…what happened to build? If no specific race in mind then I would take build over specialty every time.

Did your FTP go up at the end of the build plan? If so going through sweet spot base with the higher FTP would be a good idea.

Oh man, I may have messed this up. The only way I can see to check this is on the calendar at the beginning of each training block. It looks like I did just that, two Sweat Spot Base blocks into Rolling Hills. I’m not sure how I did this but now feel like an idiot. What does this mean for my fitness?

My FTP did go up each time. As PeterYock suggested, I should probably do the build plan now?