Reduce Training Plans - What makes sense for me?

Hello everybody!

Never used trainerroad, so this is my first time. I also never used training plans, it was all about the feeling :wink:

My season highlight is already in mid June (Gran Fondo Road Race, 110km, 1.600alt), goal is 3 hours.

My FTP right now is 334, 88kg, 3.8 w/kg. I think I have a good base. I thought those plans would suit me:
I) Sweet Spot Base, Mid Vol II
II) Sustained Power Build, Mid Vol
III) Climbing Road Race, Mid Vol

There is abviously not enough time from now on till mid June. So which phase is useful to cut short, is it useful to cut anything short anyway?


If you haven’t done structured training, do Sweet Spot Base I, then SSB II, and then go as far into Sustained Power Build as you can. You could start with mid volume and drop down to low volume if you are feeling burned out (since you seem to have a base). Although the general recommendation is start low volume. Don’t worry about getting into the specialty phase if you don’t have time. Always best to start with two full base programs then a build.


Thank you for the reply. Oh, I’ve overseen in Sweet Spot Base that I should do Vol I + Vol II :grin:

So the idea now is, I try to complete Sweet Spot Base I + II and continue with Sustained Power Build and see how far I can get till mid June, is that right?

The green shows the amount of training I have done till today, the gray part shows what is planned, when I add SBB I + II, Sustained Power to my training plan:

+1 to cut Specialty and go through both Base Plans and then the Sustained Build


This Help Center article may prove to be a good resource for you:


Thank you everybody for the hints, this was very helpful!

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