Welcome to the TrainerRoad Forum!

@Nate_Pearson @Jonathan @chad thank you for setting up the forum. Listening to the
Podcast and hearing what was going on in the Facebook group I felt I was missing something but could not bring myself to sign up to Facebook…the forum fixed that and is great !


Thanks for joining @Fatchance!

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Long live bike forums and tapatalk


@Nate_Pearson @chad @Jonathan is there any way we could have the name of plan we are on tagged on profile or something?


I think that might be technically possible. All our dev resources are working on making the desktop apps better at the moment. And with our upcoming roadmap I think this will be on the back burner.

@Bryce I am not sure if this should be directed at you but maybe you can forward it to the correct person.

Would it be an idea of creating a few sticky/pinned threads with specific categories that summarize or contain links to discussion on those categories?

I’ve seen on a few occasions that a response in a thread get’s a TR approved stamp, that’s a bit of the idea with these sticky/pinned threads that TR guides newcomers to the threads where they can learn from the most.

For instance:


  • Links to topics such as:
  • Training:

Just to get people started and maybe it help in reducing threads with the same topic that can clutter the general discussion on these topics


We discussed having a pinned “FAQ” post at the top of each category. I am happy to help work on that if that is what TR wants to do.

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Thanks for the feedback! I also think this could be a really good idea, I’ll run it past the team this week to see what they think on the subject :slight_smile:

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Wow. Since subscribing to TR and I’ve become a “much better rider”. The training plans are fantastic. The first year I enrolled, it was more about understanding the training formats and how they were helping me improve. Last year, it was all about focus. I achieved a target weight I’d been wanting to achieve for sometime. I did a ride from Houston, Texas to New Orleans and did my best time ever. This year it’s about rededicating myself to the sport. I know, this message isn’t about how good the introduction to the forum is, but I just wanted to show my appreciation for the tool. TR rocks!


Guys I just wanted to say well done on creating an absolutely lovely forum here. Only joined a few weeks ago but there is such a really great feeling of respect amongst members regardless of whether they’re hardcore crit racers or newbie leisure riders just looking to improve. In these days of keyboard warriors and snipey online forums, this place is excellent. Well done.


Pretty nice forum. Nice to meet you all friends!!


Just getting started at TR. Hope to learn more about TR in this forum and have some help when in a doubt. See you around the topics :slight_smile:


Joined today, what a nice platform you have built here all together!

Just did the ramp test, and selected the sweet spot base plan for the upcoming weeks. The next 9 months are all about getting better for an event. Feels like i made the right choice to start here. Looking forward to join the conversation.

Some stats: 39, 90kg, 231 ftp from the Netherlands
Goals: lose some weight, gain watts and get faster :slight_smile:


Welcome to TrainerRoad and the forum. Have a look around. We have lots of common topics covered at various levels of depth. If you don’t find what you are looking to find, post a thread and we will try to get you all setup. :smiley:


great stuff…thanks


Great and genuine platform!!!

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Would it be possible to make an index of all of the podcast/YouTube vids and post it as a sticky?

I thought about it. Is that any better than browsing the info directly on the TR YT channel?

When reading the forum sometime someone will ask a question or make a comment that was covered in one of the podcast but I don’t remember which episode. If there was a list of the titles with a link to the forum discussion it would be using in gathering additional info.

Ok. We discussed this briefly. The titles are a bit limited compared to the topics.

I considered making a master thread with the top part of the individual podcast threads all compiled into a single thread. It will become a beast, but might be better for browsing and searching.

I might be willing to try a test (build the thread and copy a bunch for a start) and see how it’s received.