Can't schedule 8/20 8 minute FTP outside

Hi all! I’ve been using TR since two years right now and I always used the ramp test. As I recently mooved dont have my indor trainer so I’m doing al my workouts outside. My question is why I cannont schedule an FTP test, either 8 or 20 minute, as any other outside workout? By default the ramp test was scheduled even though I select al my workouts as outside while creating my current training plan.
I see the point of not being able to perform the ramp test outside, but the 8 and 20 minute tests are totally fine for outdoors. See shaded “Outside” button in the screenshot.


I can select outside but the workout changes to Carrigain. I submitted a bug just yesterday when I noticed some Vo2max workouts turn to threshold workouts when outside, maybe related

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Hi, I might be wrong here but atleast long time ago there were not outdoor version for all the workouts. Lately i have not have that issue.

Instead I found issue of scheduling long workout with huge number of steps to Garmin. Already open a ticket about it.