FTP test outside instead of ramp test, how to adjust rest of the training week?

Will have my third ftp test coming up, the ramp test for the previous two (starting Base 2, then start of Build) yielded the same results, which is fine with. It’s getting extremely hot and humid down in the south, and I know for sure I will not be able to do a proper ramp test. My thoughts are doing an outdoor 8 or 20 minute test. I have the road/area to complete it. My concern is the two days after, weds/thurs workouts/rides.

Right now:
Tues: Ramp (or now 8/20m ftp test)
Weds: Fletcher 90m
Thurs: Stromlo +3

The Thursday workout seems like it would be killer after Tuesday.

How have you rearranged your weekday block after a 8 or 20 minute FTP test?

Unless your workouts are starting to feel easy, I might suggest skipping the ramp test.

Or, just stick to the ramp test. The number is only meaningful as long as it’s obtained in a consistent fashion.

Too hot/humid: get a $100 window AC and blast it straight into your face. It makes a difference.

I wouldn’t say they are easy, but I’m very comfortable doing them. I think I could hit higher numbers. I have a ramp test FTP of 263, but around this time last year I did 307w outside in an FTP test. So I’m either a bad ramp tester, or better at the 20m efforts?

Think of the FTP test as a controlled experiment. Change too many variables and the results become untrustworthy.

Stromlo+3 is a great way to “test” your indoor FTP (anything between 95% and 102% works great, IMO).

Do the first interval at 100%. For each subsequent interval, nudge up the intensity by 1-2% until you can’t, then back off 1-2%.

Do the next workout at the increased intensity and if it feels right, manually adjust your FTP.

Agreed about the controlled experiment, but with the heat/humidity at any time of the day, it really ruins the results :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually opt to do these outside unless I’m forced inside, so that is why I was thinking of doing the outdoor test instead, and if I’m forced inside, I can adjust the number down if necessary.

I just did my 8 minute test outside. I found a dead flat road that was long enough so I knew I wouldn’t run out of space. I replicated the 8 minute test workout. It worked well. Then I just continued on with the build plan as scheduled

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Just found this topic as I’m considering doing the test outside, too. I probably only have enough room for the 8 minute test, so I’ll just run it on the same stretch twice.

You must live near me! :sweat_smile: I’m in New Orleans and it is brutally hot and humid.

FTP indoors on a trainer FTP Outdoors on road

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Charlotte, NC here! Guess I can’t complain compared to New Orleans lol

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I’ve come to this conclusion, I bump my ftp setting up 10w outdoors and it seems to make sense in my situation!

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