Outside Workout Testers

I’m resubbing to try a plan on its outdoor equivalent workouts. If anyone else doing the same, we could compare notes over the different plans and see how we get on. Maybe this won’t be too popular as most guys here train indoors clearly! I can’t train indoors right now so this is perfect.

Not sure which plan I’m going to have a shot at - maybe something threshold. I’ve been out in the wild messing around solo for months so only have a vague clue where my FTP is. Does the FTP test have an outdoor equivalent too? :slight_smile:

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At risk of spending a thread talking to myself I’ll post a few updates anyway :smiley:

I did my first outdoor workout today after picking SSB HV II. There’s some debate about how useful this whole thing is without head unit integration implemented and yes personally I think it will be miles better with HU syncs, but it was excellent to go out and have a plan today.

Sometimes it takes a moment before the workout becomes clear though and I think having the graphical representation will help loads. Example - tomorrow’s workout Hunter -1, gets swapped to Quinn Canyon, which is described as:

Main Set:

  • 4x18 minutes between 273-285 with 2x60 second recoveries mid- interval.
  • 7 minutes easy between intervals.

So that’s 6 minutes on, 60 sec break, 6 minutes on, 60 sec break. Then rest 7mins? Seems clear enough but it does take me a moment to think it through.


Don’t forget the additional 6 minutes after the second 60sec break! :slight_smile:


Aha yes cheers!

Yep, definitely better get some visuals up for guys like me who’d flunk kindergarten math :relaxed:


But since this is sweet spot I wouldn’t do it that way. Instead there is a onetime setup of zones to match TR:

And then just use zones instead of ranges:


Brill cheers, didn’t even think of using the app for some reason. Will use it from now on though, handier. That zone setup is great too, especially if I get them to match the lights on my Bolt. Can maybe stop staring at the watts so much and just generally go by the colours…

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Prior to TR I’ve done a lot of sweet spot outside. The key thing I learned is don’t get overly focused on hitting precise targets.

And since using TR that same learning has been reinforced INDOORS on the trainer. For example here is Hunter’s second interval inside on my Kickr 2017, with power measured at crank arms:

and zone % for that 20 minute interval:


I’ll admit right off that a) I’ve never done structured training on a bike on the road, and b) 've never ridden with a powermeter. But - I’ve done a ton of on-road structured running training. If I had to do that workout, I’d go create it in Garmin Connect (it’s a 4x(3x(6min, 1 min rec), 6 min rec) , the 7 minutes become 6 because you already have one minute at the end of the 3rd 6 mins of each set). Takes a few instants to create and download. You don’t need to set a power range for the intervals, that’s the only number you have to remember when you execute the workout.

I see @bbarrera is also a Garmin Connect aficionado and has already done the thing. The software guy in me wants to do 2 loops out of it, he did only one.

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I did mention this to Nate on the new feature feed - hoping this’ll be implemented in some fashion. But until then I’m going to assume that the indoor equivalent will visually be similar?

Also I’m interested in hearing more as you move through your training plan. On my calendar I’ve got SSB 1&2 coming up low vol with long weekend rides. You may have just convinced me to attempt the whole plan outside :see_no_evil: I’d probably switch my plan to mid vol and all outdoor rides though.

Ramp test on the road :joy::joy::joy:


Is there any trick to matching a route to a workout?

It’s fairly bumpy where I live, but I’d like to give it a go. This is my route to work:

And the zones I was in for a particular session.

I’m thinking two long 10-15min intervals, some recovery, then four shorter intervals, to broadly match the uphill sections?

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There’s some debate about how useful this whole thing is without head unit integration implemented and yes personally I think it will be miles better with HU syncs

The debate, as I see it, is how much more useful could it be with a head unit integration option. Cyclists, including pro’s, have been using cue sheets written/printed and taped to the top tube forever. What TR has created is a digital version of the cue sheet. It’s going to have way less data presented to be sure and require you to do more manual book keeping in your head but it’s a tried and true method of doing outdoor workouts.

That being said, I want workout steps to come up on my Wahoo as well and was one of the features I really loved about Today’s Plan but this is a good option in the interim

Just for you:

“The problem” is you have to mentally remove 1 minute from final recovery (make it 6 minutes instead of 7), and makes auditing more error prone (for me).

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Thanks, my brain feels better.

I’ve written so many of these that I don’t even have to think about the removing of the extra minute. I do admit the output is more confusing, since you have two recoveries back-to-back when running the workout; but try to write a 3x10x30s/30s without a double loop…

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Yeah that would take outdoor workouts to the next level.

Meh. I’ve been putting workouts on my Garmin since 2016. Reducing the cognitive load (wink to podcast) while doing intervals is a good thing and no brainer IMHO.


Oh I’m not saying it isnt 1000% percent better to have it on a head unit I’m just saying that this seems to be a logical first iteration for the outside ride tech

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Add coach Chad in your ear, and it’s a perfect setup.

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Yup. I’m hoping for the following:

  • TR introduces outdoor equivalent workouts
  • TR adds head unit integration

For me it’s also part of the experience, I like seeing the intervals on the Bolt (when I did this before with Sufferfest briefly). Feels like you’re not just aimlessly riding around. Sort of puts you in the zone. Not sure how best to describe it but think about doing a trainer ride without your graphics etc. Just a bit of paper in front of you. It’s the same training but the experience is something else.