Can I do a workout/FTP test with DOMS from weightlifting

I did a workout on Friday (Squats and leg extensions) and still have some DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) from it. Can I do an on-the-bike workout or an FTP test today or should I wait for the DOMS to go away. Also, if I need to wait, can I do recovery rides?

Assuming this is mild-moderate DOMS (not ‘OMG I’VE CRIPPLED MYSELF’ DOMS, as if it was the latter you wouldn’t be asking :rofl:) then a mild to moderate workout should be fine and may well help. I’d leave anything threshold or above, though, and I’d give it a day or 3 before an FTP test.

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Yeah havn’t hit the crippled stage just yet :joy:, sounds good though, thanks!

If it’s bad then I wouldn’t recommend an FTP test.

Can you? Sure.
Should you? Not if you want your FTP test to be a proper representation of your current abilities.

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Recovery ride? Absolutely.
Workout? It depends. If the DOMS isn’t too bad and doesn’t really interfere with the demands of the workout, sure.
I would avoid doing an FTP test.

respectfully, if you’re sore enough that youre concerned enough to ask… you probably know the answer.

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