What to do with DOMS

Monday morning I did a FTP test now I usually can do a 30 min cool down or walk afterward to shake things off… Tuesday I felt fine and did a 1.5 mile run prior to a 30 min TR (I usually don’t run but after a vaca and gaining some weight looking to loose it)… woke up next day slightly sore nothing to cry about and Wednesday I did a 1 hour TR work out (currently just started SSML1) today Thursday I’m feeling it I’m n my quads… I woke up with a cramp in my calf in the middle of the night. I worked it out and went to sleep… my question is what are the do’s and don’ts when getting DOMS? Should I ride and push through or should I relax and recover? Starting this next block is challenging considering race season started and I have a race on Sunday and every Sunday till the end of December… not sure what I should do was thinking of shortening the 5 day work outs to 4 days taking the 4th day out and replacing it with the 5th day and doing this M-Thurs. leaving fri, sat(pre ride recovery) and race day Sunday. But here I am on Thursday thinking what to do with DOMS I don’t want to hurt myself for the ride nor do I want to kiss out on gains…

Do you typically run or was this something new?

Edit: reread your post looks like running is not normal. That is likely the cause. Priority 1 is quality of workout. If you can’t complete properly and are super fatigued I would suggest rest altogether or something simple like lazy mountain. In that case try and get over DOMS as quick as possible and get back to priority workouts you can complete. As someone who suffers from this badly when I lift using something like AMP human may help quicken the recovery and get you back to riding again

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The quality of the workout is just as important, if not more important, than getting the workout in. If you can complete a workout with excellent quality and proper form, with your DOMs, then go for it. If you can’t, rest.

Do a little light stretching, ice / heat if needed, fuel your body with good nutrition and stay hydrated. Give your body everything it needs to repair itself.

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I haven’t ran in awhile I was trying to get back into it by just starting off small. I literally ran ever other mail box in my neighborhood. Then finished off with petite on TR for 39 mins

I am feeling much better now that’s it’s been three days of relaxing for the most part. I did develop some cramping in my calf that I wasn’t sure was the after math of a cramp or muscle strain. After a couple days of limping around I took a few shots of pickle juice and since then I feel much better… will look for some calcium magnesium zinc to work into my vitamin intake…

I usually take a break with DOMS but I don’t fully understand if pushing through them is a good idea or not … thanks for your insight. Next time I’ll try and do a light work out with it and see if it helps or not .


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I’ve never successfully trained or raced through DOMS, I always have to take it ez for a few days. Just a suggestion for running that worked for me, I do short runs twice per week right after a bike ride ( I guess the tri folks call that a brick run?). Just 15-20 mins off the bike is enough to ease me into it and my legs are already warmed up. Once the heavy feeling in my legs goes away after a couple of months of this, I do some longer stand alone runs.
Glad you are feeling better!

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