Insert week into training plan and move out plan

I’m having some knee challenges and would like to insert an easy week with endurance rides into the HIM low volume base plan. Is there an easy way to move out all future plan activities by a week and add a special week?

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Click the three dots to the right of the week in the Calendar view and choose Push week

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The above is correct.

Here is some more useful info about the Calendar.

Thanks!. It turns out I had to do this in two steps as this week had already started. I pushed next week and moved workouts for this week to next week.

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Yeah, If you plan to move the current week, it’s more of a hassle.

  • Push the upcoming week (and all that follow it) one week.
  • Move the current week.

I wish it was one step, but it’s not terrible once you realize the proper order for processing.