Calendar Update: Calendar Export!

It’s up to google’s caching. I think it’s anywhere from 1-24 hours. We haven’t figured out a pattern. @bnied might be able to shed more light on it.

@pfreeman Google’s documentation and forum mention updates can take up to 12 hours to post, but some users have seen longer in extreme cases.

I’ll make sure this post and our help center article on Calendar Integration mention this point!


thanks @Nate_Pearson @bnied – as long as its understood how long it may take, I’m happy – it’s not something I will need to change very often (hopefully)

Just synced with Google and it took effect immediately. Your experience may vary. :grinning:

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Does this mean that Ride Notes one enters after a TR workout (in diary/log fashion) won’t sync to the external calendar either?

Oh hell yes, was just wondering if this was possible and now it is! Thank you.

That is correct for the time being. Post ride notes are an interesting topic, and something we could consider pushing if they are input.


Oh, yes! Please do! I for one don’t have much interest in just planned rides showing up on my external calendars. Rather, I’d like to use it for diary purposes.

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First thanks for this improvement :+1:

Completely separate from the calendar sync integration, post-ride notes with in the current ecosystem on web/app would be really good addition. I keep adding a few lines of text to the workouts, which is great for bike. but for run/swim it is not optimal because there is already a wall of text.


Sweet :+1:

Outstanding :heart:

Man that was easy…on my end I mean. Not sure how easy on the coding side @Nate_Pearson


Awesome! Easy-peasy to set up and works like a charm. Thanks!


Mine randomly stopped working yesterday evening, should I contact support?

seems like it…I made a change yesterday as a test and it still hasn’t updated.

Per the post above.

Updates may take time to show up on the external calendar (Google at least).

I like it. Using Mac calendar/Iphone/Ipad (feel like such a sucky when typing al this - they own my ass!). Any chance we can get the workout to link to the workout in the app? Like we click on a link and it takes us straight into the workout in the app. I know… 1st world…

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Thank you TrainerRoad!

That was easy, thanks TR team.

Having ‘other activities’ brought across to gCal causes some clutter though.

It’s good to see planned outdoor rides in the TR calendar, in order to visualise future TSS and shuffle workouts to different days. However, bringing them across from TR to gCal causes a bit of clutter, particularly as i generally have ‘planned outdoor rides’ in my main calendar anyway, so now i have duplicates and generally won’t leave the TR calendar visible.

If a ‘TR-workout-only’ view was possible, i’d choose that.

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