Question on Syncing to an External Calendar (Google, iCal, Exchange)

We’re working on syncing workouts to third-party calendars.

There are two ways to sync.

  1. Sync workouts as “all day events”. These show up at the top of your calendar day (see below).


  1. Set a time for each workout and they would fill in exactly on your calendar.

We can roll option 1 and only option 1 pretty quickly. Option 2 will take us a while longer as it adds a lot of complexity and some resources are on other projects at the moment.

My question is: would you get value with just option 1 (all day syncing) without option 2 (workout time syncing).

  • Yes, launch option 1 (all day workouts) right now and I’ll wait for selecting a specific time for my workouts.
  • No, it won’t be useful to have workouts sync to third-party calendars without it filling up a time block on my calendar.
  • I won’t use this feature either way.

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One suggestion if you do go with option 1/all-day method: make sure that it doesn’t mark you as “busy”


Would it be wise to pin this post? Some might not see it and there will be a fire storm of ‘this platform is unusable’, etc.

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Whatever they do there will forever be people that think it completely ruins the product.


Probably correct. I was just hoping to cut down the negativity a little😀

It doesn’t mark you as busy.


You bring up a good point. Most users aren’t on the forum. They will think this is our “final” solution even if we have a giant disclaimer by it saying it’s an intern step.



Wouldn’t it be easier to have a giant disclaimer that says “no feature is final, we are continuing to improve everything” :rofl::grinning::shushing_face::sunglasses:


Lol, I’m sure that would stop ALL the complaints about not getting stuff done fast enough :).


In this situation, I think the value is high enough for a lot of people that if you put a disclaimer as “In development” and enabled it as an opt-in feature but didn’t market it to people, you would have a lot of happy people.

Folks could always just modify the calendar events quickly for their time slots, which is much easier than having to create new events for each workout, especially if you include the time and workout description in the event.

If the all-day markers displayed the duration as part of the text that could be really useful. Something like

Carson +1 (1:15)

That would allow you to manually schedule the appropriate timeslot in your day.


We will forward the hate mail to you :laughing:.

That’s a good idea though. I’ve wanted a “labs” area where we can have “opt in” features that people can play with and we get feedback on before it totally launches.


You mean… like the Beta or Insiders groups? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The difference is users could turn stuff on and off. Our previous beta groups were just turning stuff on, and we had to do that manually.


Ah. Good point.

Will this automatically update as we make changes to the calendar? Move workouts around, delete them, etc.? If so then having it as an “all day” calendar entry is probably what I want as a long term solution anyway…

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Yes. When the external calendar loads it calls our api and updates. While your calendar is open it refreshes every 15 minutes right now, but we could shorten that time frame.

It seems that just refreshing your calendar (like reloading google calendar) updates it instantly.


Personal experience: a while back I put together my own tools to generate .ics files from my training plan, as well as a plain-jane HTML calendar. Sure enough, it was easier to generate all day events at first, and that was good enough that my wife could subscribe to the calendar on her phone and whatever and we could stay in sync about potential conflicts and the like pretty well. After all, chances were good if the calendar said “long run” on Saturday, I was going to do it at the same time I did it every Saturday.

Later I was able to add time and duration to it and it has gotten better. But as a shorthand way to communicate around the family what training I’m hoping to do (and more importantly, put it on the same screen as birthday parties, social events, and other times one of us won’t be parenting), it was very useful even without it.



I was literally just thinking about this functionality, as I am trying to coordinate my schedule with my wife (and get it approved :wink:).

This would be great. Add the time option later. Let me know how to sign up to be a lab subject (already beta). This prevents me from installing TR on the wife’s phone and her having to remember to look at TR (vs calendar) to see what form of self-punishment her husband has in store for himself.

I’ll take the job at TR of dealing with hate mail! Just makes intervals easier.

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