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Thinking there should be an option to enter the distance instead of just time. When I go on these group rides or gran fondos, it’s the distance we know, but not the pace, hence it’s difficult to judge the time.


The problem with adding distance is we wouldn’t be able to figure out time…and if we did that we wouldn’t be able to estimate TSS.

With the riders at TR we can usually guestimate time for group rides. IE 50 miles is probably around 3 hours an endurance pace. It’s not 4 hours and it’s not 2 hours.

When you put in MTB it gets even harder for us to figure it out, but I kinda know how long my MTB loops take.


Hello Nate,

Thank you for the response.

Guestimation appears to be the answer!

Thank you again!

@Nate_Pearson is there a way with the new calendar to shift all of my future workouts forward? I.e. work got unexpectedly in the way of my training schedule yesterday, and I would like to insert a “blank” day to shift all planed my workouts forward by a day. Besides the software programming challenge, I do see one potential thing to consider–planned race dates probably shouldn’t change, if there was/is functionality to insert and shift forward, or even delete and shift backward days in the calendar…?

You can shift everything by a week (either push our pull) but you can’t shift everyone one day. And yes, when you push/pull races are not moved :smiley:.

It’s under the three dot menu at the end of the week.


Would just be good to input your own TSS estimate rather than use the drop down intensities.

Ask, and you shall receive (already an option):


I’ve noticed a lot of users don’t know that they can manually input a TSS value! I thought the up/down arrows would signify that you can edit the value and are not bound to the presets, but we might need to make it more obvious.

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Hi guys,

Probably the last thing you want to hear, is there a way to go back? I was mid plan, now my next workout is the ramp test.

Before I could do a different workout then the one which was scheduled and after that just pick up where I left. Now I fear I have to shift every workout by hand.

Even if I can batch update them, there should be an auto batch feature If the next workout in line is not completed. Which of course would cause problems with the designated easy/hard days. So you probably would have to choose which is more important to your training.

Is there a way to “see” the active plan as before with a completion percentage? Now I honestly feel kind of lost. No more joy of seeing the percentage creeping up. And really no way of seeing ones progress unless you use the calendar.

Thanks again for constantly working on your product and sorry for the first reaction beeing the one of an grumpy old man :slight_smile:

Delete what you added to your calendar. Then add the plan back and pick the same start date that you had before. We knew there was going to be a bit of pain in the transition but we can help! If you’re still confused email us at and we’ll help even more.

And we are working on getting active percent complete and plan history onto the calendar.

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Will we be able to sync our swim and bike garmin workouts on the calendar just like the bike?

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Not at the moment but it’s on the roadmap. Our backend team has one semi major project to do before that.

Does this enhancement also mean it will import runs from Strava? For now I have manually keyed them in for 2018, it’s awesome to see all my data in one place. Also, intrigued by this other project. You guys have been very busy :slight_smile:

We do plan on bringing in the run and swim source files from strava and Garmin. It’s still a ways out though.



Is there a way to tag/plan a workout in the calendar as “optional”? That way it’s already there in case I need it or feel like it, but it only appears in my TSS totals when I’m actually completing it. This would be especially helpful when switching between plans of different volumes.

Your podcast is also great btw :star_struck: Off topic: Is there any TR swag available?

How about this…?

I am VERY sporadic in my training. Life, work etc get in the way. I just do the prescribed work outs in order as and when I can but there is no way I can keep the the schedule that is now in my calendar. What options do I have?

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@Nate_Pearson Love the calendar 5 :star::star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️
Is it planned to appear in the iOS app soon? or will it just be available on the desktop version. It will be even more awesome if it can be accessed direct from the app.
Cheers for all the hard work :beer:

I like the push pull functionality, would be good to be able to bump by a custom amount (ie 6 weeks to accommodate a new plan or change in circumstances). TP lets you do this in a reasonable UI friendly way…

As @Nate_Pearson & @Jonathan are on here reading & responding I just wanted to say the calendar is excellent. I am finishing my season on 14/10 and was in the process of planning my next Plan linking it to other activities. This was going to involve consuming enough paper, spreadsheet ‘paper’ and such like to deforest a small country…But all those headaches are gone. Current part way through plan synced across, pushed it out one week, added a week-missed owing to illness back in as the race is a week later and new plan raring to go 7 days after my end of season…and signed up for annual payment at $99 too. I’m a happy camper, thanks.

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Hi. Loving the calendar and all the new features.
Is it possible to have a frequency field for regular non-plan activities, e.g. strength training. Manually inputting these is very time consuming.
Many thanks.