Import calender to TR

Couldnt it be good to be able to import a calender into Trainerroad. For now i share my google calender with my wife cause of working schedule and other “important” lifetracking things, i also share my TR calender to google, so i can check when i can train and so on.
So to be able to easy check in TR when i can do my WO i must write everyting down in TR aswell, and then there will be double notifications in the Google calender.
If i could import google to TR,i could just modify my trainingplan week after week in the TR calender, without having double notification,and without having to write everything down in TR aswell.

Thanks for everything

Are you saying that you currently have TR synced to your google calendar, so that workout and lifestyle stuff is all on google? And you want that, but in TR instead of google?

yes, cause then i can modify my WO straight in the TR calender at the same time as i see when i can train.

Thanks for bringing this up, I can see how this would be helpful! I’ll pass this along to the team for consideration. I know Google calendars do have export features, so Im curious what it would look like for TrainerRoad to integrate. :crossed_fingers:

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Wow, thank you for some awesome feedback. Yea pass it along and see what happends.
Its just a timesaving shortcut, but still it would save some time, and make it a little bit easier to plan WO days that in the end makes us faster.

We love you Trainerroad❤️

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We love our athletes that help us constantly improve! Thank you!!

I was just going to ask about something similar. I also export my TR calendar to my google calendar. Both my partner and me do shift work so having a centralized calendar is essential for us. I was hoping that there was a way to change the time of the workout in google? What I would love to be able to do is to drag the workout onto the calendar at which ever time I can fit it in.