Calendar question

Is there a way to add your plan and have it schedule around a predetermined vacation time frame? I’m going on vacation from Friday through the following Sunday. If I try to push a week it only pushes it one calendar week, there seems to be no way to push everything forward from friday without it also clearing the previous four workouts (mon-thur).

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I did this my just dragging and dropping every proceeding training session out the number of days required. Not ideal but it didn’t take too long. Manually entering 10 months of historical runs was more painful, worth the effort though :slight_smile:

You can “push” a week back in the calendar. I believe that would work here. I haven’t tried it but I think it would push all subsequent weeks back as well.

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Problem is when you push something it goes back a calendar week…you should be able to push it back to a certain date. It would be even better if you could add your predetermined vacation dates and have the plan populate around those dates.

The ability to add “skip” dates would be great. But I can see that being a real challenge. Precise expectations and implementation would vary.

1 day might mean a single day shift or a skip. Bigger gaps could go a different way.

It’s a good idea, but far from simple.