Calendar - Changing Plan Volume

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Is it possible to change the volume of a selected plan in calendar once the plan has been added to the calendar?

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Yes. But only in the sense that you would have to rearrange the workouts from say 5 per week to 4 per week. And you’d have to do it manually, which isn’t that big of a deal. Maybe take 5 minutes or so. You would then be working with let’s say a 10 week plan instead of the original 8 week or whatever it is scheduled to be.

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Thank you @thesupermarket! I’ll do that for now, but it would be really neat to have an option to change the assigned volume.

Unless of course you want to move from a mid volume plan down to a low volume plan. You could just add a new low volume plan to the calendar and not adjust anything. Then delete the mid volume plan.