Low to Mid Volume switch?

I thought I heard on the podcast with plan builder you could switch between low and mid and high volume week by week…I can’t find how to do it…am I missing it or did I make this up in my mind?


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Plan Builder can change volume at the block level:

For individual weeks, you’d have to make those changes manually.

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How would you manually do it by week? Look up the mid volume training block and add the individual additional workouts?

Yep, exactly. It would probably be easier to swap the whole block back and forth with Plan Builder as you need to.

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Thanks for the help, that works perfectly

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This doesn’t work if you’ve edited your plan in any way, unfortunately.

For example, I can’t change my plan volume (starting build 1) but I’m also not exactly sure what constitutes editing a plan. I’ve moved a workout by a day, changed to + versions of workouts, and added in additional workouts. Those are all fairly standard uses of the calendar feature and build phase 1 and beyond are completely untouched.


hoping TR can provide meaningful guidance for those on the cusp. LV is too low and MV may be too high. I did LV base and had at least 1 additional outdoor ride and just switched to MV for base 2. plan is to delete the structured TR workout if/when I do a club ride outside. the club rides are usually pretty challenging at 2.5 hrs and IF 1. what I would really love to see is an analysis (rolling average perhaps) of how productive your training has been, especially if your are either adding workout to LV or substituting workouts for MV. Given lights/stops etc doing a true structured outdoor ride is impossible in my area.

How would you measure the productivity of your training?

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FTP, VO2 max, short burst power curve (improved <1min powers). It would be great to have reliable data on speed of recovery (e.g. how fast after a really hard effort you can go again) and number of reproducible hard efforts over a typical ride.