Cannot Change Volume via Calendar (Issue/Bug?)

Hey TR Forum,

Curious… I know you’re supposed to be able to change volume of a plan via the calendar. But I have no such option… See picture below. Clicking on the plan (per the instructions) and I have no where to change the volume. The two fields are not clickable. I’ve tested this in 3 different browsers. I’m on a Mac, if that counts for anything.

Anyone running into this issue?

hmm, i wasn’t aware you can change the volume of a plan on the calendar. My experience is you have to delete the plan and add the new plan.

Looks like if you are using Plan Building you can change a “block” of training, but not the volume of a plan. First question, did you use Plan Builder to create the plan? If the answer is yes, you need to click on a block of training to adjust. If the answer is no, you must delete the plan and add a new plan.

In theory you can:


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Ah! That makes sense. Odd you would be able to do it through Plan Builder but not the Training Plans themselves.

Add this to the feature request haha!