Change from mid to low volume training plan

I’m a few weeks into the mid volume sweet spot training plan and my circumstances have just changed; I’ve started a new job and will be commuting an hour a day on my bike, I’m starting to attend my tri club’s swim sessions and I’ve started to run a bit, so I want to reduce the volume on my cycling plan. I can’t see a way to adjust a plan once it’s in your calendar so my idea is to:

  1. delete the remaining sessions from the mid volume plan
  2. add a new low volume plan to my calendar, delete the first N weeks that I’ve already completed of the mid volume plan and then shift all the sessions back N weeks
  3. add a new low volume plan starting in the past and delete all the past sessions to tidy up my calendar

PS weirdly it displays 1,2,3 rather than 1,2 or 2, which is was what I intending

Sadly, there is not a single press option to swap plans or volumes midstream.

Any of the options you offer will work well. That said, I like option #2.

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