Suggestions for Schedule Modification: Race During Recovery Week

The next few weeks of my plan look like the image below. If I want to race every Saturday, how should I modify my recovery week to accommodate?

I was thinking of something like this:


I would just switch Sundays ride to a 60-90 minute ride and proceed with the schedule as normal. I wouldn’t think it wise to test right after a race nor to ride at that intensity if you don’t need to.


You probably won’t want to Ramp Test right after your race. I’d actually recommend pushing that to the next day if you can (where did the 25th go? :wink: ).

:slight_smile: 25th is Monday which is always a rest day on my schedule and thus omitted from my screenshot. I’m open to recommendations though.

I can schedule an easy ride on Sunday and kind of take a prolonged rest week to make up for the race at the end of it. Thoughts?

Why not just reduce Boarstone to something a bit shorter, take a rest Monday, then carry on as normal?

If you need another day’s rest, then take it and do the ramp test on Wednesday, missing out Bays +1 and going straight onto Dade +4.

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Good suggestion. Thanks.