Build phase is over, some lessons are learned but no event is planned - what's next?

I can’t believe I just completed the final ride, the Baird Peak, in my first ever build phase. Two weeks ago, I would have seriously doubted if I could finish the training block at all.

One reason is that I might have prematurely increased the training volume from low to medium. The rides felt good up to the second week, but I started to see my performance declining at the end of week three. Despite a meager FTP improvement on week five, I felt increasingly weaker and had to cut longer weekend rides shorter and shorter.

After watching one of TR blog videos about over-reaching and importance of recovery, I decided to change two things. First, I took a 3 day-break and gave my self an extra recovery day after every ride. Second, I also started to change my diet from majority simple-carb dishes like pasta to more complex meals consisting grains, beans and vegetables. On those earlier rides, I would felt famished after 90 minute rides or longer, but after the diet adjustment I felt fine even after a 2 hour ride.

Despite fewer hours on the bike weekly, I actually felt stronger every ride and manage to finish today’s ride pretty strong which is a decent confidence boost. The question for me now is how I should approach my next training sessions, especially since no event is scheduled anywhere in the near term due to obvious circumstances.

Feedback and comments will be most welcome.

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This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions.

Short answer, repeat base and build again.

Long answer, search the forum and you will see the numerous topics covering this issue


Usually it’s this, rinse and repeat.

Another option, you can also take a break and enjoy yourself a bit before heading back to base. Constant training can have mental fatigue. Get out and enjoy the reason you started riding, and started training.