Resume training after being sick

I got the flu in mid December and it took me a few weeks to recover. I started training again in January and after a week I got sick again. Then had a week of travel and other reasons this week why I could t train. I am doing unbound 100 and next week is suppose to start my build phase. Should I just go straight into build or redo plan builder. I have pretty much missed my base phase since I have gotten very little to no training since early December.

Definitely let plan builder build you a new plan. It will probably shorten your base a bit and cut a bit of specialty but won’t dump you straight into build, which seems like a recipe for disaster to me.

I’ve been in the same boat as you and missed about 6 weeks of training and when i slowly got back on the bike, my Z2 zone was down about 40 watts, while my heart rate was about 20 bpm higher (for the 40watts lower effort). Every ride felt hard and just now, after about 4 weeks of base training i feel like i’m back at how it should feel in terms of RPE.

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Usual rules apply, start easy and go with feel to start. Don’t push intensity or volume too soon.